About Us!
Our mission is to empower anyone who owns or dreams of owning a restaurant to adopt, build, and perfect smart, proven systems & strategies to ensure the longterm success of their business!
In the 90s, our family fell in love with a little "hippie restaurant" in historic downtown Truckee, California. We literally used to lay in bed at night pillow talking about how we'd own that restaurant! In 2003 we heard the owners were looking to let it go and it was no surprise to anyone that we jumped at the opportunity. 

We quit our cushy, corporate careers and put everything on the line, determined to live our dream! 

Right away we knew we were facing an uphill battle. The restaurant had no systems. None. Zero. Nada!! Employees had no schedule, cash deposits were shoved behind a mirror instead of taken to the bank, bill collectors were posting notices on our door… we didn’t even have the ability to accept debit and credit cards! Were we worried? Absolutely! But we were also determined to do everything we could to fix and grow this restaurant.  

So, we set about designing, implementing, and perfecting a series of systems that took us from 1 struggling location to a full-fledged family owned restaurant empire!

With 5 family owned locations, 3 open franchises and 7 more in various stages of development, we’ve become internationally certified coaches and mentors and are highly sought after consultants in the independent restaurant industry. Since we can’t be everywhere at once, we started building a program that meets owners like you right where you are. Thus, Restaurant Smart was born! 

We believe that every owner should have the tools and strategies they need to build and grow the business that they love! We will empower you to live with intention, to learn and grow from every experience, and to build a business that will support and sustain your family for generations to come. 

We can’t wait to be a part of your success story! 

Meet our team! 
We are a community of experienced entrepreneurs and marketing experts who are dedicated to empowering restaurant owners to adopt strategies and systems to ensure the long term success of their business. 
Kay Salerno


As a partner of the Squeeze In and Squeeze In franchises, Kay uses her experience to help owners better their businesses. A visionary leader, she combines creative solutions with a solid business background to build, grow, & expand her companies. This mother of 1 is  a My Little Pony superfan and believes that those fabulous fillies teach life’s biggest leadership lessons. 

Shila Morris

Vice President

President of the Squeeze In & Squeeze In franchises, Shila has made a career of crafting, implementing & perfecting systems to ensure the profitability of a multi-state restaurant empire. A leader of leaders, she is an expert in building businesses from the ground up. This mother of 3 is an Incubus superfan so committed to the cause that she’s managed to attend 25 concerts.

Misty Young

Board Chair

Known affectionately as the "Restaurant Lady," Misty bought, built, & expanded a single tiny restaurant into an empire. Today, she is an internationally certified coach, speaker, & trainer, a bestselling author, & a renowned restaurant authority. When she’s not building and expanding successful companies, she’s sharp shooting with her favorite Rainbow Sig Sauer Semi-Auto P238. 

Alicia Gibson
Associate Director
Known for her love of education, Alicia uses her background in business & leadership to design content that helps both owners & their teams to thrive in the workplace. Our resident podcast creator, she constructs strategic materials & systems designed for restaurants at all levels. This mother of 2 is a European history buff & has read everything Shakespeare ever wrote.
Megan Jensen
Content Creator
As a marketing coordinator for Squeeze In, Megan uses her experience to develop creative systems for building & expanding brands at all levels. Known for her organizational & operational efficiency, Megan works closely with restaurant owners to develop strategies & action plans for success. Renowned for her mad sign language skills, she has mastered the movements for Miley Cyrus’ Party In the USA.
Christopher Gibson
Digital Content Coordinator
Considered our personal technology guru, this multi platform engineer combines his longtime leadership experience with his love of technology to create & launch program materials. An Army veteran, Chris uses his experience to create simple, strategic systems that are easily followed by a variety of personalities. This father of 2 is both a cyber security aficionado & a published poet.